Welligogs , a traditional family business since 2000, founded by Kim Annan, was the first company to introduce hand painted designs onto rubber boots into the UK and Europe.  The designs were inspired by Kim and her husband Ray, as well as their four children.  Kim says ‘the adoption of the name Welligogs was motivated by nostalgic childhood memories of a loving home where everyone called their wellington boots ‘Welligogs’.  The Wellington boots were replaced by higher quality leather waterproof and breathable boots in 2008 in two styles which have since grown into a number of new styles. As the company grew a range of ‘Distinctly British’ clothing with ‘cutting edge fashion and style’as its goal, was introduced. Kim and Ray’s passion for British Made at the forefront of their minds resulted in establishing manufacturing set in the heart of England where the majority of the fabrics are hand cut and the clothing made.

Our brand

The Welligogs brand is steadily becoming more recognised and sought after as each new season passes

We continue to emphasise our strong adherence to British design, as well as detailing and style. Each British made piece is hand-cut and sewn with focus on attention to detail and precision. Our colour palette is inspired by the ever changing tones of the rolling British countryside and our modern shape and style is evocative of our fast- paced cosmopolitan cities.

We make it our personal business to create new and exciting designs each season. Each of our specially designed products- tweed, wool, wax or leather are of only the best quality, infused with a flair for fashion and a focus on current trends.

Our unique tweed, wax, leather and wool jackets, coats, gilets and hats are traditional, yet focus on shape and silhouette. Each piece is made with hand-picked British tweeds and other luxurious fabrics, our accent being on comfort, function and performance whilst exuding elegance and style.

Our authentic breathable leather boots which are carefully crafted in the finest leather as well as being fully waterproof, have made their mark across the world . Described as “an essential piece of kit wherever you are, be it town, field, snow or sun.” Our boots are designed so they look just as good in the city as well as the country.

Welligogs… opulent endurance wherever you are…

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